Commercial Reprints

Content Ed Net is the official worldwide vendor for distribution of journal reprints on behalf of The Endocrine Society. The company provides fully staffed offices in 22 countries around the world to ensure reprint orders are fulfilled with the utmost attention quality and according to the requirements of local and regional offices. Reprints can be produced in print or digital formats in over 30 languages to meet the needs of your physician customers.

The worldwide Content Ed Net locations provide your international offices with minimal delays and reduction in shipping costs. We provide a full understanding of local tax and logistics issues for fulfillment flexibility and aggregated orders with local invoicing as needed.

Commercial reprints of journal articles can be ordered in black-and-white and/or color, with or without covers. The following options are available: bundling, coding, disclaimers, product information, shrink wrap and translated versions for over 23 major markets. Rush orders are accommodated, and will be shipped within 7 days of proof approval. Pricing is based on quantity ordered and amount of pages in the article(s).

Publishing Consultation by Market or Region

  • Abstract Collections for our annual ENDO meeting
  • Medical Translation Services
  • Local Meeting/Conference Coverage and Writing Assistance
  • Sponsorship Opportunities
  • Reprint Portal Development and Buying Services

Local Service

It is easy to request a quote on articles of interest from any of the Content Ed Net local offices:


For all reprint inquiries, please contact:

Ray Thibodeau
Content Ed Net LLC
Phone: 267-895-1758